Thursday, April 3, 2008


so this blog is going to be a goal of sorts to make me make pots. i am a potter, but sometimes, you just get into a rut and can't get out.

i currently don't have my studio up and running because i just moved. so i am left, at this time, to only show you pictures of pots i have already made before this blog was even thought of.

here is the first pot:

yeah it's a bowl.
it's on my site.
the link for it is on that handy dandy sidebar there.

i like the clay body showing through the seafoam colored glaze here.
it's standard ceramics 112 brown speckled stoneware fired to ^6
the glaze is laguna uh, wc 106 layered fern

until tomorrow

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Master of All Things Web said...

You should totally make a direct link to your etsy site in this post. Just a thought.